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It’s like it was yesterday, the memory of watching my mother walk around with a camcorder when I was a child, making very adorable home movies so we could all watch them back later on the VCR. I swooned over how cool it was to relive my first camping trip, or the first time 4 year old me said a cuss word. The moments she captured were memories that she froze in time, and this is something I know strive to give to my clients.

My name is Destiny Nicole. I am a full-time film-maker, a dog mom of two, and a spontaneous road trip enthusiast! I consider myself a professional third wheel of sorts, from being your bravest birth wing-woman, to your personal hype girl at our boudoir sessions, and even a professional dresser-fluffer at weddings. If you’re looking for someone to walk around with a fancy camera and videotape your wedding as is, I’m not the videographer for you. However, if you’re looking for someone who will show up, fully invested in your love story, and turn it into the most beautiful fairy tale movie you’ve ever seen, I’m EXACTLY who you’re looking for. I would love nothing more than to piece together every heart melting, tear joking, laughing-til-you-cry moment I witness during one of the most important days of your life. This is NOT just a wedding video; this is a one of a kind heirloom that tells your love story in the most candid and romantic way. My end goal is gorgeous, cinematic keepsakes that will be passed down for generations.


Originally started as "Fawn the Bee" back in early 2017, Fawn and Bee Co. has filmed over 150 weddings all over the United States resulting in more than 100 five star reviews. Though we are based in the great state of Texas, we thoroughly enjoy our destination weddings to other states and countries.

Fawn, like the baby deer, was my nickname as a teenager due to my soft spoken nature and freckles lining my cheeks. Bee was actually named after my grandfather who passed a few months before I opened my company. He was a strong father figure in my life, and as a child, he taught me to get over my extreme fear of bugs, bees in particular. I was taught that if I was a kind, gentle, and nurturing person, the bees would not sting me. This life lesson stuck with me for years and it seemed only fitting that I named my company after it. 


I strive to create a very authentic brand and I genuinely think that shows in my work. Lets grab sushi and talk about turning some of your most precious moments into movies you can enjoy for years to come.